Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proud Mum

Today my darling husband had a day off work.  We both took the chance to go and support our youngest daughter with her school triathlon.  It was so great!  She was a part of a three girl team, each did a leg of the race.  They started with the run, then the bike ride and lastly the swimming.  Miss M did the swimming leg of the triathlon and had to swim 20 lengths of her school pool.
It was really funny because when they got to the pool everyone rather than swimming were running the lengths of the pool.  Miss M jumped in and ran one length then began swimming.  She discovered she was actually quicker swimming than those running.  It was so awesome to she her go.

When she was done she ran off to the finish line with me in tow.  Thankfully my husband was at the finish line using the video on Miss M's camera to catch her crossing the line with all her friends and classmates cheering her along.  Miss M was so proud of her achievement and so were we!

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  1. What a fun event and how proud you must be of your amazing daughter!