Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Scrapbooking April Scrap Pack

Earlier on my blog I talked about what I got in the April Scrap Pack HERE
And here is what I created with it

It's All About The Accessories
When I saw these papers I immediately thought about these photos of Abbey with ALL her necklaces on. She spent ages making them and then wore them ALL for days afterwards! Too darn adorable!

Abbey in her Tinkerbell outfit for the Fairy Festival, accessorised with wand, sunnies, flowery tights and ballet shoes ... a total Fashion Icon!!!

Abbey's Style
What does Abbey like in April 2011?
*My Little Pony's
What a real GIRLY GIRL!!!

Glamour Girl
Abbey has her own Sunglasses but of course Mummy's are bigger and better!!! And look sooo much better on Abbey!

So if you would like to know how I made all these, as well as what the other Design Team members did with their Scrap Packs, pop on over to Better Scrapbooking and check out the May Newsletter

As Promised

Well I was able to make some lovely little Easter gifts and they were welcome and received well by the recipients.  Here is a photo of what I made:
Last day of the school holidays - sigh.  Back to school next week - sigh.  Back to the school drop off's and pick ups, making lunches and all that goes with the school run - sigh.  Ahh well only 11 weeks to go till the next school holidays.  These holidays have been so wet I think we have spent more time hibernating at home that anything else.

I have enjoyed the school holiday kids workshops that we had.  Over the two sessions the children made 7 projects. Here are just some that they made:
Next week in the kids classes we will be making something for Mother's Day.

Have you made your Mother's Day card and/or gift?  Don't forget!
I will be making mine during the week, will show the the result sometime next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

So how are you spending Good Friday?

So far I have done some exercise (feels good to do that first thing in the morning), I little bit of treasure hunting and I have made 17 little Easter gifts for our small Simple Church group tomorrow.  I have not yet taken a photo of them all but I will and put it up here on the blog.  Very proud of my efforts.

Well yesterday our piano finally left - big family issue - but it is gone and now we can get on with the next chapter of our lives.  Our lounge is not looking very large and for a change ... tidy, and not just because I tidied so the movers would be able to get the piano out.  Mainly because there is less "stuff" around.

I am enjoying the start of a long weekend, looks like it might be busy with all sorts of things including some potential changes to the online shop - I will keep you posted (good changes by the way)

Well Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Basic Grey Curio Collection

Last month I got some awesome goodies in the mail from Better Scrapbooking. They were from the Curio Collection by Basic Grey

Curio Cotton

Curio Heirloom

Curio Ophelia

As well as the papers I also received some Basic Grey Curio Clips

Along with the Curio Collection I also received:
Bazzill Patch cardstock
Bazzill Yam cardstock
Orange Flowers
Black Pearls

And this is what I created ....

Reflection Of Beauty
This photo was taken at the Auckland Zoo, it was just a fluke that I happened to get Abbey's reflection in the glass!

My beautiful baby boy! How fast he has grown! I sure miss my babies when they were this small.

Funny Faces
My cheeky girl!!! This was a Positive/Negative photo shoot, she was so cheeky throughout the whole sitting, some of these funny faced pics are my favourites!

Go check out the Curio Collection at Better Scrapbooking!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proud Mum

Today my darling husband had a day off work.  We both took the chance to go and support our youngest daughter with her school triathlon.  It was so great!  She was a part of a three girl team, each did a leg of the race.  They started with the run, then the bike ride and lastly the swimming.  Miss M did the swimming leg of the triathlon and had to swim 20 lengths of her school pool.
It was really funny because when they got to the pool everyone rather than swimming were running the lengths of the pool.  Miss M jumped in and ran one length then began swimming.  She discovered she was actually quicker swimming than those running.  It was so awesome to she her go.

When she was done she ran off to the finish line with me in tow.  Thankfully my husband was at the finish line using the video on Miss M's camera to catch her crossing the line with all her friends and classmates cheering her along.  Miss M was so proud of her achievement and so were we!

Injured Soldier

Oh dear.  My poor Mum went tramping - like she does most weekends - but last Sunday just before the end of the tramp she took a nasty fall and has ended up breaking her arm just near the wrist.  She spent 7 hours at the hospital on the Sunday afternoon, got her cast and then was told she would have to go to another hospital on the Monday for a CT scan.  This was another 8hour wait the following day.  She was so lucky to have a friend there able to help her with both of these.  She rang me on the Sunday night just before going home.  I felt so awful not being able to be there.  But the rest of this week I have been able to help her with bits and bobs.

But this friend that helped Mum on Sunday, it was also his birthday on Sunday, so during this week I made him a little combined thank you and birthday gift.  I remember before I gave it to Mum to give it to her friend to take a photo:
It is so nice having a craft where you can make such lovely things to give away and brighten up their days.

I made some cards this week as well, but gave them away before I remembered to take a photo - silly, silly me, always take photos of things when they are finished LOL!