Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steampunk Paint Brush

I mentioned earlier this week that I was spray painting a paint brush.
I know some of you were thinking I had lost my marbles, and with the smell in my office this week from the spray painting (even though I did the painting outside), I just may have lost a couple LOL!

Anyway, I was inspired by the Green Bay High School production of The Electric Empire Adventure as it was done in a Steam-punk theme.  Well since then I have been wanting to do a mixed media project using Steam-punk.  I was on Pinterest one day and came across a paintbrush someone had done and figured, "I could do that"  With that Grace and I went widget shopping and found lots of cool little goodies in unexpected places.  A big thank you to the Waitakere Avanti Bike shop that was kind enough to help us out with all sorts of little goodies.

Well here is my end result:
I spray painted my paint brush copper, this took two coats, front and back.  Not don't do spray painting if there is even a breath of a breeze in the air.
I then spray painted some cogs and widgets with gold spray paint.
To adhere everything in place I used the wonderful Glossy Accents.

Now all I need to do is think what to do with it now.  I think I will display it somewhere in my office :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dancing at the Ceilidh

I have been working hard this week with layouts for the next ScrapPack.  I decided with all the left over bits and bobs to create another layout and share that with you so you can get an idea of the ScrapPack without giving away the layouts that will be in the next newsletter.

We were invited to celebrate a friends 60th birthday at a wonderful Ceilidh.  Oh my goodness my girls and I had not been to a Ceilidh before (and for those of you not sure what this is, it is an Irish/Celtic social dancing.)
Wow, it was full of energy, joyful laughter, clapping and singing.  It was an amazing night, I haven't been to something as fun as that since I was a kid. Both Grace and Melissa were on the dance floor pretty much all night.  I sat on the sidelines taking photos, clapping and whooping with the best of them.

I felt that papers from the Authentique Irresistible range were perfect for this layout.  Here is a close up of a couple of elements:

For both of these I have cut out some flowers and layered them.  One was layered over some bling swirls I found in my stash.  The second I just layered and added some paper 'ribbons' underneath.  I also added a bling to the centers of each flower.

I also hid a journaling block that I attached to some cardstock so I had more journaling space on the back.
I really like this layout.  Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Happy scrappin'

Thursday, August 15, 2013

From M&M Container to Bits & Bobs Storage

My youngest daughter likes to collect the new M&M chocolate containers.  They are very cute, but I was sure I could make them even cuter by adding some paper, ink and stickers.  Sure enough Melissa let me have one of her many containers and this is what happened during one of my crafting sessions last weekend.

Decorating the side of the container was easy as it is flat, so I just grabbed some left over paper paper, cardstock and stickers from my scraps pile (we all have at least one pile) and added them to the side of this container.

The top of the container was more of a challenge as it is not only curved but had a funny face on it that did not go with the rest of my newly decorated container.
To cover it I cut a 21/2" circle from cardstock and then cut out a small pie-like piece as shown in the picture below.

 I took some white liquid glue and put it all over the top of the container. The next step is probably the most important, I took the cardstock circle piece and carefully scrunched it up.  This broke some of the fibres in the paper allowing it to be more mold-able when adding to the top of the container.
Next I added the cardstock piece to the top of the container.  Because I had that small piece cut out it was easy to mold it to the shape of the top of the container without having any pleats or creases.  Just don't cut out a too big a piece of the pie, if just needs to be a slither.

I hope you get some time this weekend to be crafty :)

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mini Luggage Box Tutorial

You will need:
1x 71/2”x 41/4” plain cardstock (colour of your choice)
1x 8”x 31/2” Bazzill Two Scoops cardstock (colour of your choice)
2x 1/4”x 12” strip of brown cardstock
2x small brads (colour your choice)

Using the pattern score and cut your 71/2”x 41/4” cardstock.
Adhere the flaps to the inside of the box, then adhere the end flap over to hide the flaps you just adhered.

Score and fold your 8”x 31/2” of Bazzill Two Scoops cardstock.  Do not adhere together just yet.

Take the two 1/4” strips and adhere them about 1/2” up from each of the long sides - being sure to add the score marks as you go, this will make it easier to fold and adhere together.
Trim off excess - but DO NOT throw them away.

To make the handle
Cut a piece from your left over 1/4” brown stripes so it is just a bit longer than the space in between to two brown straps on your scored luggage wrap-a-round.
Punch a hole in each end of your handle and two holes on one end of your luggage wrap-a-round, attach your handle using your two brads.

Now you can adhere your wrap-a-round together being sure the handle is on the outside edge.
Slide your box into its wrap-a-round.  You have your own little luggage bag.  Use this as a party favour, mini first aid kit, a survival kit of chocolate, the ideas are endless.

Mini Luggage Box

I mentioned in the last G&T that I would be putting something on the blog by today about the cute little mini luggage box.  
This is such a cute little box and so easy to create.  I will show you in this entry the box and tomorrow I will upload the finished instructions, I am just waiting on getting the pattern drawn for you to follow.

Anyway, here is this cute little box - 
It measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
There are so many things you can use this cute little box for.  You can use it to give a wee gift, maybe chocolate or jewelry.
You may like to use some different colours and create a little first aid kit.  Maybe even a survival kit (remember chocolate is necessary to survive LOL!).  How about to give little gift cards or tags.

For the outside of this box I have used the Bazzill Two Scoops Cookies and Cream paper.  With this paper you could even add some distressed looks with your sandpaper or distresser tool.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow afternoon for the instructions.
I will post on Facebook once the instructions are up.