Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inking Glazed Cardstock

Oh boy I have been having issues today with Facebook and being able to upload photos, so that has taken a lot of my time today, but I really wanted to post on my blog here with this fun technique that I was doing at my workshop the other night.  This is a really great way to add some colour that will also pop the design on your white glazed cardstocks from Bazzill Basics.  I love their glazed cardstocks.  Here is the layout I did at my workshop.

Ok so you can see the mat that I have put my photos on has some really cool cupcakes, well this was originally a white cardstock.  The glaze on these cardstock acts like a resist and so when you add ink it will not soak it in and so gives this bleach effect.

Here is what I did:
I put my white glazed cupcake cardstock on my inking mat and grabbed my Tattered Rose Distressed ink and ink applicator.
I dabbed my ink applicator to my Tattered Rose Distressed ink and then rubbing in a circular motion applied it to my cardstock.  I just love this look. 

Maybe this is something you can try with your glazed cardstock.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I made it!

Yes I made it, not only did a get around to actually making something with the Stamping Gear, but I made the card (she smiles)!

I am very pleased with the results.  Here I used a piece of 6"x 6" pattern paper, the fern like stamp from the Deluxe set on the paddle and the inside of the circle wheel.
I placed the circle wheel on the pattern paper and stamped around doing 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.  The in between each of those I stamped about.  Lastly between all the stamps I had just done I did a faint stamp, so stamped on a piece of scratch paper then onto the pattern paper.  Very please with the results.

I added a stamped sentiment then attached my pattern paper to a folded cardstock black card.  It was so easy.  I wonder what else I can come up with.

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Have fun and bee creative!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Try Something New

Today I have been given to opportunity to have a go using the new stamping product from Inkadinkado thanks to one of my wonderful suppliers.  I get to have a play with the Stamping Gear Deluxe set.  Oh my goodness it is so much fun.

I have watched a couple of you tube videos with people using the stamping gear and it looks so easy.  How often do you get something that is as easy to use as they show in the videos.  Well this Stamping Gear is truly as easy as it looks.  Check this one out below and see how easy this is to use.

I literally got the paddles, the circle wheel and two stamps out of the box and started stamping.  Ok I am just stamping of photocopier paper, but still it looks cool and I am having ideas on what you can create with it.  Here is what I had a wee play with.
I can't wait to keep you updated with I get up to this week with this fun and inspiring new tool

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