Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Changes to Better Scrapbooking Ltd

This is my first post for 2016 so Happy New Year everyone.  Some of you may think I fell from the planet, no I am still here.  There have been lots of changes here and now is the time to reveal my plan for 2016.

As many of you are aware from some of my Facebook posts I have moved my workshop from our home garage to the lovely little room behind the garage.  This was a much bigger task than I thought at the start.  But finally I am at a place where I have a nice place to create and craft.  The only down side is it is to small to display shop stuff or have classes and workshops.
The cluttered workshop stage - eek, I was trapped

Looking from the door of the craft studio

Showing my scrapbooking table
This meant some changes to the way I run Better Scrapbooking Ltd.  Please don't get me wrong, I love scrapbooking and card making.  I love being able to help you with ideas and new products so that won't change.  The online shop and my online presence will continue and aim even higher with more videos and ideas for everyone.  I love workshops so these will continue, just at a local hall (the Oratia Settler's Hall) just round the corner from me.

The ScrapPack Club closed as of the end of last year and the Spectrum Noir Monthly kit will finish when those that are receiving it at the moment finish getting all their Spectrum Noir colour pen sets.  I will continue to bring you new products and ideas which will be available from our online shop.

I am looking forward to having more time to create with new products and to share fun tips, techniques and ideas with you all.  I was lucky enough over the summer break to up-grade my camera which now enables me to create videos.  I am aiming to create my first video shortly (probably once school starts back and a new routine is in place)

I have also started a new little part-time job as a personal carer assistant and have really been enjoying that lately.  I have been amazed that even with my little job I still have time to create and craft, maybe even more time as I reschedule things.  I have been continuing to work on my daughter's school ball album from last year and have almost finished it.

So as you can see there have been some changes but we will be continuing and we plan to bring you some amazing projects and ideas throughout the year.  So please continue to support me, I thank you for all that you have supported me with so far.