Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Whales and Ducks

I have been so busy this past week with Group Fitness things and many other things that I just needed time to scrapbook.  So the other afternoon I went into my craft room and put together a layout.  It was great because it was one of those pages that almost put itself together.  I knew almost exactly what I wanted it to be like.  I wanted a white layout (very strange for me, I like lots of colour) with some white on white elements.  The reason I wanted white was because the whales in my photos were white and I wanted the layout to depict more about the whales.  I had never seen Beluga Whales before.  Grace had mentioned seeing them on her last visit to San Diego.  So it was very special for me to see these normally shy creatures.

I cropped two of my photos to be 4"x 4" and placed my photos as you see.  I wanted them on white so I cut a piece of cardstock to measure 10"x 11".  I then wanted to use one of my border punches (which I had recently been reunited with after them being in storage for nearly 6 months) I also wanted another border punched out and layered above the first large border.

I adhered my photos in place then added the second small border which I punched from a scrap piece of cardstock leftover from trimming down the white cardstock.

I put this white base on some light blue cardstock.  I punched 5 circles measuring 3/4" each and adhered them in the bottom right corner being sure to have the first one hanging off the page for some interest.  Once I liked there placement I cut the excess off the circle hanging over the edge and added it to the top left corner.  I didn't want to throw away that little piece, silly, but I like the result.

I found some little light blue bling and added them to the circles.  I was going to put them in the center so that they would all look the same, but then changed my mind.  I like how they look all different and so added a couple (3) extra round the circles.

Lastly I added my title which I cut from using my Silhouette Cameo.

Well, that is my tale about my 'whale' layout.  Now to fill you in on my 'duck', or in this case duckling.

I currently have a wee little duckling living in my bath tub.  Oh, it is so cute.  It has been nicknamed "Peepers".  We have some very early duck and duckling families in my backyard.  One is a mother of 4 (now 3 but at the time of this incident she had 4).  She has been round the house for a few days with her babies so I have been feeding them some rolled oats.  Anyway, the other afternoon I could hear some distressing peeping.  I went out my front door and there was mother of 4 attacking this stray little duckling.  She was really pecking at this wee thing.  I could not stand by and see this so I intervened.  Then, mother of 4 was thinking I was going to go after her four babies so she was getting ready to attack me.  Stray duckling joined her 4 so I thought OK she is defending it, it should be OK
now.  I walked away but saw she started to attack it again.  This time I caught the little duckling, but mamma was not going to let me pass.  It didn't help that duckling was peeping so mamma defended and flew at me.  I told mamma to be nice to it and let it go, just for her to start attacking again.  This time I rescued the duckling and made it into the house.

I have a cat box set up in my bathtub with a warm heat pack for it (I warm it regularly).  There is also an ice-cream container of water for drinking and swimming.  I also have food all over the floor of the bath tub.  It seems happy enough.  I take it out of the tub now and then to let it run around (when I can make an area secure).

I am not sure how my cats are going to take to this little one.  So will need to be careful for a little while.  The cats don't care about ducklings in our backyard, but could be different with one in the house.

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