Monday, October 3, 2016

Die-cut inlay card

Over the weekend I watched a You Tube video from one of my favourite card-makers Jennifer McGuire.  After watching the video I just had to give this technique a go.  A link to her video is at the end of this post, I do recommend that you watch it.  She shows you how to create the background and the die-cut so you can inlay your title of your card.

I loved creating the background so today I have created three more for even more cards.

I wanted to do this as I have a little friend that is desperate need of some happy mail, so I plan to make more cards and send them to her regularly.  I think we all need a little bit a happy mail sometimes.

Enjoy Jennifer's video and I hope you too will give it a go.

Taking photos is fun

We went out as a family to the Arataki Visitor Centre.  We went because the weather had been so terrible but had finally cleared up and we were all suffering a bit of cabin fever.  I had not used my camera in ages so I dusted it off and away we went.  It was nice to check out the view and take a couple of fun photos.

Once inside my daughters and I went straight for the Gecko display cabinet.  They are always a challenge to find and fascinating to watch.  I could not resist so I took a couple of photos.  Next thing I know my daughter is having a bonding moment with a Gecko through the glass.  It was so cute I just had to get a photo (or five to be on the safe side).

Little did I know, but one of the reasons for popping into Arataki was to check out the maps for a Sunday drive.  We chose one of the few (if only) round trips, down to Karekare Beach down Lone Kauri Road, then back up the other road (forgotten the name of it LOL)

So off we went, to one of the wild west coast beaches. Once at the beach car-park we set off for a walk along the waterway to the beach.  But we forgot that to get to the beach you have to cross the waterway which was about knee deep and it would have been rather cold.  So we stayed on the cliff side and have fun taking photos of us as a family doing that air jump photo.  We had to do it many times to get the results we were after, but we always ended up with the giggles. I was so glad I had a really good sports mode on my camera.  Some of the results were hilarious.  The whole afternoon was so much fun and laughter.

I highly recommend getting out there with your family and just having some spontaneous fun and photos.