Thursday, April 7, 2011

Injured Soldier

Oh dear.  My poor Mum went tramping - like she does most weekends - but last Sunday just before the end of the tramp she took a nasty fall and has ended up breaking her arm just near the wrist.  She spent 7 hours at the hospital on the Sunday afternoon, got her cast and then was told she would have to go to another hospital on the Monday for a CT scan.  This was another 8hour wait the following day.  She was so lucky to have a friend there able to help her with both of these.  She rang me on the Sunday night just before going home.  I felt so awful not being able to be there.  But the rest of this week I have been able to help her with bits and bobs.

But this friend that helped Mum on Sunday, it was also his birthday on Sunday, so during this week I made him a little combined thank you and birthday gift.  I remember before I gave it to Mum to give it to her friend to take a photo:
It is so nice having a craft where you can make such lovely things to give away and brighten up their days.

I made some cards this week as well, but gave them away before I remembered to take a photo - silly, silly me, always take photos of things when they are finished LOL!

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