Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's Catch our Breath

Oh my goodness so much seems to be happening lately.

Well here is an update of the rest of Creative Adventure Downunder.
I was able to help out again on the Sunday with a really big class doing Maggies lovely layout.  There were about 80 ladies taking the class - wow, now that was a big class.
I had so much fun helping ladies that needed it through out the morning.  It was a very intricate page but the end result was so worth all the work that was put into it.  Unfortunately I was so busy I did not get any photos of the class or layout.

At the end of the class it was basically the end of a very productive weekend for everyone.  I stayed and helped Michele and Jodi pack up and tidy up.  It was fun piling up the hotel trolley and taking all the boxes out to the cars - I think some people may have had a little too much fun LOL it took me back to my nursing days and wheeling around the unit on the wheelie office chairs (a story for another day)

For lunch we got together at the bar with most of the 'TAs' and Teresa and McKay as well as Michele, Michelle and Jodi.  It was nice to do a bit of a debrief.

For the rest of the afternoon I hung around the hotel, had a kip in the bar (that just sounds so funny coming from someone that doesn't drink)  Then met up with everyone going off to Maggie's place for a lovely Kiwi roast dinner.

It was so nice to relax and socialize - which I do not do often enough.  It was cool to see people in a more relaxed setting.  We certainly got to know Heidi, Teresa and Donna better.  It was a real hoot.
back row from left - Jodi, Maggi, Michele
front row from left - Heidi Swapp, Teresa Colllins, Donna Downey
After dinner I got a lift back the hotel and headed home for a well deserved rest.

It wasn't until after the weekend I found out about Melissa's exciting news.  On the Friday (the first day of Creative Adventure Downunder) Melissa was taking part in a bake off at school.  She and a couple of others in her class baked something and took it to school to be judged by her form teacher.  Melissa made some very tasty Chocolate and Coffee cupcakes.  She also decorated them very nicely.
Close up showing the eatable glitter on
 Melissa's lovely cupcakes

Stage one winning bake-off cupcakes

Looks like Peanut wants a cupcake too.
Well, she won round one in her form class.  Next she will compete against the other form classes of her year 10 level.  Not sure when that will be, but we are so excited for her.

This week she is also taking part in the talent quest with her classical guitar, so we will see how that goes.