Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

So how are you spending Good Friday?

So far I have done some exercise (feels good to do that first thing in the morning), I little bit of treasure hunting and I have made 17 little Easter gifts for our small Simple Church group tomorrow.  I have not yet taken a photo of them all but I will and put it up here on the blog.  Very proud of my efforts.

Well yesterday our piano finally left - big family issue - but it is gone and now we can get on with the next chapter of our lives.  Our lounge is not looking very large and for a change ... tidy, and not just because I tidied so the movers would be able to get the piano out.  Mainly because there is less "stuff" around.

I am enjoying the start of a long weekend, looks like it might be busy with all sorts of things including some potential changes to the online shop - I will keep you posted (good changes by the way)

Well Happy Easter everyone!

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