Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prince Edward Island

Last Friday afternoon I was coming home from some where and as we pulled into the driveway it was Melissa's turn to check the mail.  As she was pulling the mail out of the box I could see there was a package.  Ti is always exciting to get a package.  Then I remembered it was about time my package from my sister-in-law was suppose to arriving.  Melissa gets back in the car and says, "Mum this package is for you!"

Oh I was so excited I could hardly wait to get the car down the drive, parked and get myself into the house to open this exciting parcel.  It seemed like time slowed down and it was taking forever to get myself in the house.

Finally I was in and with scissors in hand I carefully opened my parcel.  There is was, all the way from Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Can you guess what it was?  Those of you familiar with L.M. Montgomery will have guessed ... It was the latest publication of Anne of Green Gables, celebrating 100 years of Anne.

Oh I could hardly contain myself.  It is so beautiful.  The have apparently printed this edition so it looks like the original publication of 100 years ago.  All I could say was - oh, wow!!!

There was also a postcard in the book from my dear sister-in-law telling me that she had visited all places Anne on Prince Edward Island and that her darling husband was being very patient.  OK I admit I was and am a little envious (but in a good way) that she was able to visit such a special place.  I do look forward to her photos (which I will scrapbook LOL)

Now I have three copies of Anne of Green Gables.  How very cool.  I have just discovered however that neither of my daughters have actually read the book.  So when they have finished reading the books they are reading we are all going to read Anne of Green Gables together and have our own mini book club.  Should be fun, but beware, we will be having some scrapbooking challenges shortly to do with Anne.

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Sew Easy

It is finally here and it is so easy to use.
The Sew Easy Tool and accessories from We R Memory Keepers arrived this week.

I have had a little chance to  fiddle and play with the Sew Easy, and I have to admit I really like this tool.
Both my daughters gave it a go and they both said exactly the same thing, "Awww Cool Mum!"

It does take a little practise to get even pressure, but the holes that didn't quite form can be poked through easily with the needle that comes with the tool.  It also helps to use the Sew Easy Mat as it is foam rubber and enables the tool to poke the holes.  Our hard craft mats just won't work with this tool.

I also like the "hidden" needle compartment in the base of the handle of the tool.  Yay, no lost needles.

Well I am looking forward to a weekend where I can really put this little tool through it's paces.

Happy Scrappin'

Online Challenges for July

It has been a great seeing so many of you enjoying and taking part in our online challenges.
Here are our winners for June's Online Challenges
Layout Challenge: Congratulations to Sharon
Photo Challenge: Congratulations to Jenny
Project Challenge;  Congratulations to Debra.
Now here are July's Online Challenges
You have until the end of July to upload your entries to our challenges.  These are a lot of fun and can be a way to get into your scrapbooking supplies and just create.
Layout Challenge - Create a layout using only green colours.  Yes lets do a monochromatic layout for a change.
Photo Challenge - Sports/fitness action photo.  Winter is a great chance to get a photo of you or your kids/grand-kids taking part in some sort of sport.  It could be soccor, rugby, dance, gymnastics, in my case Zumba, or even running.
Project Challenge - Decorate a tin or box and show it in use.  I love decorating boxes and tins and then don't know what to do with them.  Let's see what you do with them.
Card Challenge - Peel Craft stickers are fantastic for card making.  Create a card using these fabulous stickers.

Happy Scrapping'