Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Journaling Strips

I had such a great week.  Two days this week I have been able to sit in my craft-room and scrapbook.  I am not saying this to brag (OK maybe a little).  On Monday, seeing as it is school holidays, my daughter was able to arrange with her friends for them to come round. This meant, I was banished from the house (honestly, it was what I wanted, six 18 yrs olds was just a little bit much for me)  So I was able to enjoy my craft room and finish of a few layouts that I did at the workshop last weekend.  Don't you love that feeling when a layout is complete - title, journaling, the lot.  Very satisfying.

Well, yesterday I was able to have another day of scrapbooking. It was amazing, I managed to complete three layouts.  I am trying as I go to be sure each layout is complete including journaling as these are layouts from my trip to the US and I don't want to forget anything.

One of the layouts I decided to try something new for me.  To add journaling in strips.  I have seen layouts with this over this years and thought they looked good, but was never confident enough to give it a go.  Or they were done using computer journaling and I wanted hand written journaling.  So this is what I did.

I cut a piece of cardstock about the width of the space I had available on my layout.
Then I cut it a bit shorter than I wanted it to be when finished - knowing that when I cut the cardstock into strips I would want to spread them out a bit down the space.

I wrote my journaling in pencil first to be sure to get the spacing right.  I was strange to write with huge gaps between each line.  But this was so I could cut each line apart easily when the time came.

I wrote over my journaling in brown pen to match the feel of my layout (sometime black is too harsh)
Once the ink was dry I erased the penciled journaling.

Then it was time to bite the bullet and cut them apart. I used my trimmer and carefully cut them apart.
I would cut one strip at a time then place that strip on my layout so I would not mess up the order.

Once my journaling was cut apart and laid out I lined up my layout on the grid of my cutting mat, then lined up my long ruler down the edge where I wanted my journaling to go and adhered each strip in place.  Having the ruler as a guide so all the strips lined up down the left hand edge was a great help.

I was really pleased with the end result.

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