Sunday, August 31, 2014

Once a month not enough

I can't believe it has been about a month since I last had the chance to write here on my blog.  I so wanted this year to be the year I was able to blog more regularly.  I wanted to blog at least once a week.  I came to the realization just recently that I write too many different things, I have my G&T weekly newsletter, the Better Deals shopping email as well as the big monthly newsletter (which oh bother, I just realized I have not uploaded to the website - will do that next) and then write my blog, no wonder there are times I just don't know what to blog about with regards to my scrapbooking, I am all written/talked out.  I do want to do better and to write here more often and share what I have created and learnt so lets see if I can try to do it tad more often.

Anyway, one of the new things that I have recently got myself into is my garden.  When my girls were younger - even before I had children - I was not very good with plants and gardening.  I was more prone to killing things off that growing them.  Well over the past couple of years I have discovered I can grow strawberries - they don't seem to mind neglect from time to time.  This year my daughter Melissa and I have turned our hand to growing some Spring bulbs, and sure enough over the last 2 weeks they have started flowering.  We are so excited.
I had made one mistake earlier in the season, as I had planted one of the bulbs upside down - was wondering what this white spider looking thing was coming out of the pot.  So turned it up the correct way and re-planted it.  It is flowering now.  Very happy.

Seeing as these were such a success and because over winter I purchased a gardening book (and even finished it - this must be serious) I have been inspired to try to grow more veggies this year - other than tomatoes and lettuce.  The author of the book I purchased is running a class that I have signed up for so you will probably see lots of gardening photos and layout coming through the next few months.

Also lately I have managed to get some of my own scrapbooking done.  Oh it is so nice to be able to take time and actually scrapbook for my own pleasure. Letting my creativity shine and not be confined to a specific range or style.  Here is a layout I have created of my daughter's school production.  I really love the cityscape die-cut from my Silhouette Cameo.  It really added meaning to this layout that was set in New York - love it.
Well that is basically all from me at the moment.
Will hopefully be back to write again soon.