Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fantastic Sizzling Summer Workshop

So we started Friday night and basically went through to Sunday afternoon.
What a fabulous chance to do loads of scrapbooking.  Here is everyone's scrapbooking spaces set up and waiting for them to come back the following day.
It was great to see everyone basically in the scrapbooking zone and enjoying a chance to really get into their hobby and create some amazing layouts and projects.  Here are just some of the things I managed to do over the weekend.

 Yes the Owl City concert layout and Smores layouts will be going side by side in my album.  I really enjoyed doing these layouts in particular, having them looks quite different and yet to look like the go together.
 I had this Kaisercraft kit sitting by my phone for well over a year and finally decided this weekend was a perfect opportunity to complete it.  I don't know what I am going to use it for at the moment so any suggestions are welcome!
Here is a layout that will be for the next ScrapPack kit but you can have a bit of a sneak preview.
Also through out the weekend one of my cats felt she had to join us.  To be sure she would stay off everyone's things, she had her very own pizza box.  She stayed on the pizza box pretty much the whole time.  So Kitty is now the ScrapCat!
Here are some of my favourite layouts from attendees from the weekend
by Glenna
by Glenna

By Moira

By Tracy

By Tracy

By Glenna

By Megan (myself that is LOL!)

By Moria
If you were unable to join us this time round I do hope you will be able to make it to our next long weekend scrap later in the year!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Summer Creativity and organisation

It has been an interesting Summer break, what with plenty of wet wild weather to start off with and now the heat is really kicking in.  It has been nice to spend time with family and friends and getting out an about, but, it is also nice to have time to create and organise.

I took the opportunity to attack the back room of my working office over the summer break.  I wanted to turn the back room into a nice Craft room for myself and my girls.  We seem to be a very creative family but now have a space where we could creative comfortably.  So out came the rubbish bags and the organising systems and here is what I have so far.
My crafting space
As you come through the door of the craft room, my table is right opposite.  It was under the windows, good light but too much sun, so I turned it and put a book shelf under the window instead.
Grace's table
My eldest daughter has her table next to mine.  Her table has been here awhile but had junk and stuff in front of it so she was unable to actually get to it for quite some time to do anything.  She is enjoying having a space  where she can 'work'.
Melissa and her fashion corner
Almost opposite Grace's table is a new addition, Melissa's table.  I took a table from my working workshop and let Melissa have it as her space.  We can if necessary move it into the workshop if we are going to have a lot of people for an event but in the mean time Melissa can use it for her crafting and sewing.  As you can see she is busy at work sewing a nice summer top.
I have added a nice big cubby shelving unit for all my scrapbooking, card making and paper crafting storage.  It has been good to reorganise all my supplies so I can find things easily and each thing has its' own home.  I am not quite finished but at least I have a good start and something to work with.

My Craft room is in a good enough state that I allowed myself to do some creating, so here is what I have done this week.
I created this beautiful card using an image I coloured using my Spectrum Noir pens.  I have come to really love colouring with these pens.  I will be having more classes this year with fun techniques you can use with these pens, so keep an eye out for those.
Mall Shoot Layout
During the tidy up, Grace found these little photos of her when she was about 2 1/2-3 1/2 years old.  I just had to create a layout.  I remember how much she loved riding those mini ride things at the malls.  We didn't even have to pay to make them go for her to enjoy them.  On this particular day I had some spare coins and let her have a proper go and it did the photos as well  - bonus.  It has only take me about 16 years to scrapbook them though LOL!  I love the colours in this layout.  I love the photos as well so candid.

So that is what I have been up to this Summer break, what have you been doing with your crafts?