Monday, September 18, 2017

Beyond the Stars

I have been playing with a new technique for card-making.  I have to admit I have had fun with this.  I don't normally like getting messy, but this was a fun messy.

For this you will need inks that will blend easily.  I found using bright colours was a lot of fun.  I used the Distress Oxide Inks from Ranger.  But I understand you can use the normal distress inks and some die inks.  For the black I used Momento's Black Tuxedo ink.

To start with add smooches of colour to your 6"x 4" plain cardstock - a light colour works best such as a white or cream.  I used four colours. I added the inks using the ink applicators from Ranger

Using a make-up sponge I added some black ink over the top of all the colours.  This will look as though you have ruined it.  Take it from me, you haven't, keep going. Let this dry, you can use a heat tool to speed this up if you like.

Add a bit of colour over the to and then dry again.  I added a little bit of the blue.

To finish off your galaxy flick some white paint over your cardstock.  Or you can add some white pen dots - varying the sizes of dots helps with the effect.

Now you have a galaxy.

Add to your card.  You can add stamps and other embellishments for finish your card.

Have fun and create something amazing!

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