Sunday, December 27, 2015

First Projects in my new craft studio

It has been a crazy couple of months what with Craft Out West, 21st birthday, 17th birthday, preparations for Christmas and so much more.  Also during this time I have decided to change my working situations and now I have a lovely new craft studio in the back room of my garage.  So now I have a wonderful creative space.  I am looking forward to doing a lot more on my online shop and here on my blog with tutorials and creative pieces.  Well my craft studio is almost finished - there are a few tweaks that I want to do (more one of the tables)  but it is enough completed that I treated myself to an afternoon of scrapbooking and card making.

During my cleaning up and move I found these cute photos of when one of my cats was little (before his eye accident) and just had to scrapbook them.  It was hard to believe these photos were taken 6 years ago.

I also made this card.  It seems sad to be making a sympathy card but it is going to be used straight away.  It was so sad that a friend of ours passed away just before Christmas.  I was unable to make it to the funeral and really wanted to send my love to the family.  I saw a couple of lovely card ideas and Pinterest and combined them to create this card.
On a happier note, my daughter loves baking and so for Christmas she made a really fun gingerbread village.  She has made a gingerbread house in the past and so wanted to do something a little different, so a village it was.

So until next time, happy crafting and continue to be crafty ...