Sunday, August 21, 2011

Don't Leave It For So Long

I had a great Saturday afternoon over the weekend where I was able to catch up with some very good friends from school.
We had not seen each other some of us for over 20years.  It has just been too long between visits.  I wish we had been able to catch up sooner.  We were able to all get back in touch thanks to Facebook.

Well naturally being a scrapbooker I just had to make a little something for each of my friends, and the SRM Tubes were the perfect thing to use.  As you can see I used "The Tube" as well as the We've Got Your Stickers - Little Birdie sticker sheet.  I was able to decorate four tubes using just one sheet of stickers.  How great was that.
Gotta love SRM tubes and stickers
The gifts were much appreciated and I had so much fun making them.

Great to see you all girls, lets do this again soon - but let's not leave it so long between catch ups.