Friday, May 24, 2013

Creative Adventure Downunder Day 1

Oh my goodness I was given a wonderful opportunity to help out at the Creative Adventure Downunder scrapbooking event.  I was asked if I would like to be a 'teacher assistant' naturally I said, "Absolutely".

I am so glad I did, it has been wonderful to meet so many people.  I did not even miss doing the projects that I was helping out in.  It was just wonderful to be a part of the event.

The only sad thing was that on the Friday morning when I needed to be out at Greenlane, which is normally a half hour trip via motorway with no traffic - and of course I would be driving in rush hour traffic so triple that time, so I was leaving early going to drop my daughter Melissa off at my Mum's so Mum could drop Melissa at school.  Melissa and I were in the car at 6:45am, I turned the key and ... the car battery had died.  Ahhhh so now what was I going to do.  After some frantic phone calls my wonderful mother offered to drive me out to Greenlane and drop Melissa off at a friends place so she and her friends could walk to school together.  By the time we got underway it was 7:15am.  Amazingly enough though and with my wonderful Mum driving all the back roads (thank goodness she knew where she was going) I was able to arrive at the hotel in Greenlane 10 minutes early (Mum thank you so much, you are amazing).

Well the rest of the day only got better.  I was teacher assistant for room one.  The first session in room 1 was with Maggie, she is a New Zealand tutor.  This was a fabulous technique layout class.  I just wish I had taken a photo of the layout (maybe I can get one tomorrow).  It was full on and I spent a lot of time helping ladies keep up and helping them with the technique with bees wax and Pearlx powders.  The results were fantastic.

After lunch the next two classes in room 1 were with Teresa Collins.  Oh wow, I have to admit I was a little star struck.  She is a really beautiful person and a lovely teacher.  She taught the same class twice in a row with two different groups.  By the second group we teacher assistants knew what was needed and were able to help the class flow.  It was really great fun.

In both classes Teresa told us what it was that inspired her to get into scrapbooking and reminded each of us that we are our family historians.  She encouraged us to write the stories of our families.  To document why taking the photos we did were so important.  This really struck a cord with me and I would like to journal more not just on my layouts but in fun little journals as well.  I would also like to encourage my daughters to journal for themselves - sometimes it can be therapeutic.  Thank you Teresa for being an inspiration to so many people this weekend and wherever you go.

Teresa Collins in action teaching a fun layout class

Myself with Teresa Collins

At dinner time I was lucky enough to have Teresa and her daughter McKay as well as their friend TC join us at our dinner table.
From left to right Teresa Collins, McKay and TC

Also just before dinner I was able to get some photos in the photo booth with Teresa, McKay, Heidi Swapp, and Donna Downey.  You guys are so awesome.  I am really looking forward to Sunday and the classes I will be helping in.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pale Hues Spectrum Noir Kit

Oh my goodness it has been nearly six weeks since I last was on my blog.  I am so sorry I have been distracted with so many things.

I decided just now that it was time to update my blog and show you the Pale Hues Spectrum Noir Monthly kit that I have put together.  Here is the kit and it is available at Better Scrapbooking Ltd.  for further details or to order you can email me at:

Here are to two card you can create using this kit.  The kit has all the instructions on how to colour skin and a chart of other skin tones.  It also has instructions on how to create the two cards below.

Well that was all for now.  I promise to add more to my blog very soon.

Happy scrapping and card making ...