Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just Do It

I have been wanting to get on my blog here for the last couple of weeks but honestly life have just gotten in the way.  I have been helping Grace with her eight Zumba classes a week - I only do three a week myself but some I need to drive her to.  Also with the start of term 2 with school Melissa has school production rehearsals as well has her classical guitar classes.  Then work needs to fit in some where, let alone the daily chores and life.  I am trying not to make excuses but I figured I need to "JUST DO IT" so here I am.

I was sitting in car last night at the Onehunga YMCA where Grace was teaching and I just started writing.  I am learning to utilize the time where I can find it.

Last weekend I grabbed a bit of me time and created a couple of samples for my up and coming Me and Mum workshop and I just wanted to share them
These were really fun and I am looking forward to creating these with the attendee at the workshop just over a week away.

I chose one of the projects to be a 3D box card because they have been really popular round the place and the moment and look like a lot of fun - which it was.

I have also been working very hard this week on another kit, this time a Christmas card kit ... but it is only May I hear you say.  Well, yes it is, but this is the perfect time to get a jump start and create some cards before the crazy season hits.  It will also help you to feel better prepared for Christmas this year.

With this kit you will be able to make the 6 cards using the instructions that come with the kit as well as a Christmas layout, but there is enough product that you will be able to keep creating and using some of your own stash get at least another four cards - how cool is that!

I am currently working on the instructions so this will hopefully be ready some time next week.

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