Sunday, May 25, 2014

Creative Adventure Downunder

I have just the BEST weekend.  Three days of scrapbooking, papercrafting, inspiration, making new friends, learning new techniques and having great fun.

Oh my goodness I am still buzzing from all the fun from the last couple of days, so much to share not really sure where to start.

I will be honest I was a big worried about getting to Ellerlie for 8am on Friday morning with all the traffic, so I left home at 6:45am.  There was traffic but not heavy enough anywhere to be actually stopped.  So I cruised through Rosebank and Avondale down to Waterview where getting on the motorway was slow but again not too bad.  Once on the motorway I just needed to be sure I was in the correct lane to get onto the Southern motorway.  The Southern motorway was flowing smoothly so made it to the Ibis Hotel in Ellerslie and parked by 7:15am - WOW!  Really early, what was I worrying about again LOL!

Once inside I registered and was keen and excited about the whole event. I met up with one of my ladies that gets my emails and we sat together with some friends of hers and by the end of the day we were all like old friends - thanks ladies (Sheree, Cathie and Irene)

My first class was Friday morning with the lovely Joey Guercio Otlo from Bazzill Basics.  We made a fun double layout and card (still have two cards to finish) using the stunning Vintage Lace collection.

 Joey was such a beautiful and vibrant teacher.  It was fun to hear that she and I have daughters the same age - such fun!  It was really nice to be able to create a fun girly page, though when I was choosing my photos I realized I don't have that many girly photos - a challenge for me now is to take more girly photos.  I was really pleased with my layout and box closure card.
Here is a lovely photo of Joey and I after class.

My next class was Teresa Collins Pocket Page album class which was a lovely 6 hour class - we did have some breaks.  Poor Teresa did not have her samples or tools for our class due to issues with her luggage and flights - they did arrive in time for the other group for their class with Teresa - but that was OK, it was just wonderful to have Teresa teaching and sharing with us.  I love Teresa's classes
Here is my table working on our Teresa Collins Pocket page album and look there is Teresa teaching in the background.
This class was a real challenge with all the pockets but I rose to that challenge and was very pleased with the result.  I can see I will be incorporating this form of scrapbooking with my usual pages as well.  Loved all the ideas for decorating pockets.

One of the things we did do during this class was use some gold spray paint - we all know how much Teresa loves gold things.  So we went outside with the gold spray paint and some boxes so as not to create a mess in the hotel conference room but in bringing back all our sprayed items the fumes followed us.  Suffice as to say we all seemed to get extra happy with those fumes, well not really but it was kinda funny.  It was a fun way to change things and bring in that gold look to the project.
Here is a brief look at one of the pages I did during this class.

Also during the class Teresa was giving out prizes - always fun and guess what ... I won something ... I won a packet of her beautiful sequins - these will certainly be using in more of these albums.  I loved how we used them with the pockets to create floating embellishments.

We had until about 6pm for this class but we all started hitting the scrapbooking wall just after 5pm.  I kept going for about another half hour before my brain just gave out.

We had a Friday night dinner and entertainment which was a 70's theme.  Lots of people really got into it with their costumes.  I ran out of time to put anything decent together but it was great to see people really go all out.

Dinner was nice this year and the entertainment was a good laugh.  We were graced with a performance from the Abba-ettes (Larissa, Michelle and Michele)  Thank you ladies for a fun performance and a good laugh.  It was just after this that I had to go home as I was just so tired, but apparently there was a lovely dance put on by Michelle's daughter and then some fun make'n'takes with Graphics 45 and Teresa Collins - such a shame but I was really beat.

The following day, Saturday I was lucky enough that my wonderful Mum have me a ride to Ellerslie due to Brad needing the truck to take Grace to her Zumba class on the North Shore.  Thank you Mum for your help getting me to CAD on Saturday morning. Though in my haste to get to CAD I did forget my cutting mat and phone (camera) but I made it work LOL!

Day two was just as full on with two wonderful classes with Graphics 45. We had the mother and daughter team Diane Schultz and Aimee Filimoehala from Graphics 45 - what an inspiration these ladies are and oh so elegant.

We started of with a beautiful little ATC box and cards.  This was so much fun.  I loved working on this project.  Not only was it cute but I loved working with the metal embellishments.

After morning tea we started this lovely little Tea Album from some fun tags.  This was a full on class and we didn't quite finish the project.  I did have a bit of time at the end of the day with Irene to finish of some bits for this class and finished putting the album together at home that night.  I love the way it all came together.
Thank you so much Diane and Aimee for these two stunning classes and all your beautiful products

Saturday afternoon I had another fun class with Joey from Bazzill Basics where we created a funtastic little travel book.  Not that I travel but maybe one day when I get to travel I will be able to use it.  This was a fun class as this little book had lots of fun flip pages and pockets.  I also liked the use of a poly-envelope.
Also during Joey's class she gave away some amazing prizes/gifts to everyone.  I recieved a lovely pack of Bazzill cardstock, a sheet of stickers, a packet of metal tags and a packet of chipboard antique frames.  Awesome!

It was this class that we just rocketed through and finished early.  It was also nice in that Brad and the girls picked me up at the end of the day so I brought Grace and Melissa through (to help me carry my bags) but they also were able to meet Joey.

Day three, Brad and the girls dropped me off as Brad need the truck again to take Grace to another Zumba class where she was filling in for someone at Contours Albany.  Anyway, I was doing better on Sunday as I remembered my cutting mat and I also borrowed Melissa's little camera for the day.

For my last class was the 3 n 1 layout class with Trina McClune.  I have never done one of Trina's classes before so was very excited.  Trina you are a beautiful person and I did enjoy your class.  

However I was only able to finish two out of the three layouts during the class.  Both the layouts I did complete were using Teresa Collin's modeling paste and templates so that was fun.
Again Trina was giving away a couple of prizes and this one was a draw using raffle tickets and as she was doing the draw I jokingly said and its number 9 and guess what ... it was ... I won!  So exciting!  The whole class gave a cheer - cause that is just what you do when someone wins.  Then the class next door were cheering so we did it again and we had a little cheering contest between classes - my class won!
Here is a picture of all the beautiful things I won over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone!

It was sad to finish the day but this was a fantastic event. But here are some pics of some of the wonderful friends I made

This is a photo of the pink team of ladies and our wonderful teachers.

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