Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Glitter and Modeling Paste

I thought it would be fun to have a look at working with glitter and modeling paste.
Modeling paste and stencils are proving more and more popular, so let's try something a wee bit different and glitter on top and into modeling paste and see what we get.

We will start with adding glitter on top of the modeling paste.
So you will take your cardstock and add your stencil on top.  I taped mine in place with some removable tape, you could use washi tape.

 I am working on my Bazzill Splatter mat for easy clean up.
Next add your modeling paste, I chose to just add it down the right edge of my blue cardstock.  If you are not doing the whole stencil it can be fun to leave some half pasted shapes (it looks almost like torn paper).  As you can see I have removed the stencil so you can see the result.  Place a piece of scratch paper under the stenciled edge ready for glitter.
For this step you do need to move a bit quickly as the modeling paste is starting to dry.  Take your choice of glitter - I chose gold - and sprinkle it on all over the modeling paste.  Do not use your finger to spread the glitter as you will smoosh the modeling paste.
When you are happy with the coverage, gently slide the excess glitter onto the scratch paper and put it away.  Now leave the glitter and modeling paste to dry.  You will find that your cardstock will curl but the modeling paste is meld-able enough to gently straight back up.
Lastly have fun creating your layout.

Now lets look at adding some glitter too the modeling paste.  For this you will need a dish to mix your paste and glitter on.
Add a good dollop of modeling paste and then add a good dash or three of glitter.  Then mix thoroughly using your palette knife.
You will end up with something like this.
Next prepare your cardstock, add your stencil.  Then start applying your modeling paste.  As you can see you do not need to cover the whole stencil you can do just areas you feel will look good for your finished layout.  Enjoy the process of smoothing out the modeling paste.  It is a good idea to try and use up the modeling paste that has the glitter in it as you will not want to put it back in your modeling paste jar.
Remove your stencil and leave to dry.  The glitter does not shine through like when using the other technique but it does give quite a fun speckled look.
Once dry create your layout.
Here is a close up where you can see that speckled look with the glitter and modeling paste.

I hope you enjoy giving these two techniques a try with your modeling paste.
Remember to clean your stencil as the modeling paste does try quickly.  Just pop the stencil in a basin of water (be sure the water covers the stencil) until you are ready to clean it.

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