Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take Time Be Creative Part 2

I have been thinking a lot about this topic this week and I have discovered part of our problem is that we feel like we are not allowed to take time for ourselves.  But honestly, we need that time.  By taking time to be creative and to enjoy the process we are recharging ourselves so that we can do the other things of life.  I have also discovered there are times when we feel inspired to be creative and other times when we don't.  When we are inspired our creativity just flows and we can make things almost with ease.  We we don't feel inspired it can be very hard.  Creativity can not be forced, creativity should be a fun and playful activity.

As adults we are suppose to be serious and grown up (really?!)  Are we not allowed to be fun and playful ... of course we are, it's just that I think sometimes we forget about it.  We should take time to let that fun and playfulness out.

I came across a neat little video that I would like to share with you about creativity and see if sometime this weekend you can give yourself some time to let the fun, playful and creative side of you show.

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