Sunday, February 9, 2014

In the Garden

I love scrapbooking, it isn't a job to me it is something that makes me happy and I love being able to share what I love with others.  To inspire others.

I have discovered that as much as I love my scrapbooking it is also good to enjoy other things too.  I always admired how my mother could grow such beautiful and bountiful gardens.  In the last few years or so I have started trying to grow veggies and flowers.  This year has to be one of my best years.  I have had a bountiful harvest of strawberries, not much else as my strawberries kind of took over.

Anyway, I was checking on my veggie patch the other day and my poor little self seeded tomato plant - I almost lost it in the wind a couple of days before.
But then I turned around and just happened to look over at the other side of my back yard and was very surprised by some more self seeded tomato plants.  I have a habit that I chuck stuff out from my veggie garden to the area behind me.  I had done this last year with some not so good tomatoes from last years plants and to my surprise this is what I saw.

It is also funny as I was just mentioning to Brad that I needed some more veggie garden beds and in these areas where I found the new tomato plants.  So now I guess I should do some cleaning up of the areas and create a better bed for them.

Also this season my wonderful Mum was kind enough to give some of her Dahlia tubas.  I have not had a go at growing flowers in a very long time.  But this has been the result this year.  I am very excited about maybe getting more flower gardens going as time allows.
This weekend I decided to tidy up the rock garden I have between my house and the garage.  It had become a little unruly with some weeds.  I was given some wonderful weed mat by a lovely friend and so decided it was time to move all the stones, put down some weed mat and put all the stones back again.  It is now completed and I am very pleased with the results.  There are a few more stones that I have found in another area of the garden and will move them to here during the week.
When moving all the stones I did find some little paving slabs.  Instead of hiding them under the stones this time I have moved then and they are now in between my veggie garden beds to make it easier to get to the beds and to keep the weeds down there too.

This is a view looking down from our front deck.  I am very pleased with the results so far in my garden.  It is nice to have another hobby that lets me get outside and a little exercise at the same time (yep, feeling some muscles I had forgotten about today).

I do think I will be in my craft room this afternoon creating so will post again real soon.

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