Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Take time to be creative

It is so hard when life just seems to constantly get in the way of being about to sit down and create.  Driving people here and there for school, work, groceries, taking care of the house, meals and then of course you have to fit work in there some where as well as family time.  It is exhausting just keeping up with life - or at least that is how I feel some times.

Some how for me crafting and being creative recharges me (ok so does exercise) but crafting seems to help spark more creativity.  I would like to challenge myself this year to spend a bit more time each week to be creative.  It maybe making a card, a layout or even writing or drawing.  But putting the creativity back in the everyday.

So last weekend I grabbed some paper and a fun design from the Silhouette online shop and this is what happened.

It was really fun to create this little box.  Honestly I have no idea what I am going to do with this.  The process of making it was the reason for creating it.

I do get to be creative each month with the ScrapPacks and here are the layout I created this month.
 I loved creating this layout and using the sewing machine and then roughing up the edges of the pattern paper
 This layout is of my girls and I at the Color Run.  The funny part is we were spectators and did not participate this year.  But it looks like so much fun we will definitely be doing the 5km run next year.  Getting covered in powdered paint and partying afterwards is an awesome idea.
 I really liked these big concrete blocks down at the Auckland Viaduct and thought, "Time for a ME layout"
 Over the summer holidays we found some awesome mountain biking trails in Rotorua.  We now have an excuse to go away for a weekend now and then this year - stunning forest!
Lastly this month I decided it would be fun to pay tribute with a layout for at least one of the sets of duckling we had at our place this year.  I think over all we ended up with four separate families of ducklings over the course of the season (we still have one set visiting now and then even though there are just about to learn to fly)

So on that note I am going to go be creative before I need to do the next life run ... how about you?

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