Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steampunk Paint Brush

I mentioned earlier this week that I was spray painting a paint brush.
I know some of you were thinking I had lost my marbles, and with the smell in my office this week from the spray painting (even though I did the painting outside), I just may have lost a couple LOL!

Anyway, I was inspired by the Green Bay High School production of The Electric Empire Adventure as it was done in a Steam-punk theme.  Well since then I have been wanting to do a mixed media project using Steam-punk.  I was on Pinterest one day and came across a paintbrush someone had done and figured, "I could do that"  With that Grace and I went widget shopping and found lots of cool little goodies in unexpected places.  A big thank you to the Waitakere Avanti Bike shop that was kind enough to help us out with all sorts of little goodies.

Well here is my end result:
I spray painted my paint brush copper, this took two coats, front and back.  Not don't do spray painting if there is even a breath of a breeze in the air.
I then spray painted some cogs and widgets with gold spray paint.
To adhere everything in place I used the wonderful Glossy Accents.

Now all I need to do is think what to do with it now.  I think I will display it somewhere in my office :)

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