Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mini Luggage Box Tutorial

You will need:
1x 71/2”x 41/4” plain cardstock (colour of your choice)
1x 8”x 31/2” Bazzill Two Scoops cardstock (colour of your choice)
2x 1/4”x 12” strip of brown cardstock
2x small brads (colour your choice)

Using the pattern score and cut your 71/2”x 41/4” cardstock.
Adhere the flaps to the inside of the box, then adhere the end flap over to hide the flaps you just adhered.

Score and fold your 8”x 31/2” of Bazzill Two Scoops cardstock.  Do not adhere together just yet.

Take the two 1/4” strips and adhere them about 1/2” up from each of the long sides - being sure to add the score marks as you go, this will make it easier to fold and adhere together.
Trim off excess - but DO NOT throw them away.

To make the handle
Cut a piece from your left over 1/4” brown stripes so it is just a bit longer than the space in between to two brown straps on your scored luggage wrap-a-round.
Punch a hole in each end of your handle and two holes on one end of your luggage wrap-a-round, attach your handle using your two brads.

Now you can adhere your wrap-a-round together being sure the handle is on the outside edge.
Slide your box into its wrap-a-round.  You have your own little luggage bag.  Use this as a party favour, mini first aid kit, a survival kit of chocolate, the ideas are endless.

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