Thursday, August 15, 2013

From M&M Container to Bits & Bobs Storage

My youngest daughter likes to collect the new M&M chocolate containers.  They are very cute, but I was sure I could make them even cuter by adding some paper, ink and stickers.  Sure enough Melissa let me have one of her many containers and this is what happened during one of my crafting sessions last weekend.

Decorating the side of the container was easy as it is flat, so I just grabbed some left over paper paper, cardstock and stickers from my scraps pile (we all have at least one pile) and added them to the side of this container.

The top of the container was more of a challenge as it is not only curved but had a funny face on it that did not go with the rest of my newly decorated container.
To cover it I cut a 21/2" circle from cardstock and then cut out a small pie-like piece as shown in the picture below.

 I took some white liquid glue and put it all over the top of the container. The next step is probably the most important, I took the cardstock circle piece and carefully scrunched it up.  This broke some of the fibres in the paper allowing it to be more mold-able when adding to the top of the container.
Next I added the cardstock piece to the top of the container.  Because I had that small piece cut out it was easy to mold it to the shape of the top of the container without having any pleats or creases.  Just don't cut out a too big a piece of the pie, if just needs to be a slither.

I hope you get some time this weekend to be crafty :)

Happy Scrappin'

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