Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Try Something New

Today I have been given to opportunity to have a go using the new stamping product from Inkadinkado thanks to one of my wonderful suppliers.  I get to have a play with the Stamping Gear Deluxe set.  Oh my goodness it is so much fun.

I have watched a couple of you tube videos with people using the stamping gear and it looks so easy.  How often do you get something that is as easy to use as they show in the videos.  Well this Stamping Gear is truly as easy as it looks.  Check this one out below and see how easy this is to use.

I literally got the paddles, the circle wheel and two stamps out of the box and started stamping.  Ok I am just stamping of photocopier paper, but still it looks cool and I am having ideas on what you can create with it.  Here is what I had a wee play with.
I can't wait to keep you updated with I get up to this week with this fun and inspiring new tool

The Stamping Gear has already been uploaded to the online shop so jump on in and order yours.
The Deluxe Set us currently out of stock with my supplier but more are on their way for the end of the month, you can still order this and it will be shipped as soon as it arrives.
Click here to order yours!

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