Sunday, May 17, 2015

Creative Weekend

I just love having workshops and being able to join in and do some of my own scrapbooking.
We had a great night on Saturday night with some scrapbooking friends and here are some layout that I created.

I started off with doing a really simply layout.  Today I finished it by adding the title.
I have been trying to do a layout with some photos for the past few weeks and just got kind of stuck.  On Saturday night, finally, I was able to put together a double page layout.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Then on Sunday my sixteen year old daughter wanted to get creative with crayons.  She had seen some really fun projects you can do with crayons on Pinterest (where we all find amazing projects).  We had picked up five boxes of 24 crayons on Friday night, so why not!
I helped her set up but left her to be creative and here is one of the projects.  It is not quite finished yet, she needs to add a girl holding an umbrella silhouette.  But I just had to share how well this turned out.  I love the melted effect.

I hope you have time during the coming week to try something new and be creative!

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