Friday, July 18, 2014

Cold in the Wild West of Auckland

I know many think that Aucklander's are just great big wusses and we just might be - I know I am especially when it comes to being cold. This morning before I even got out of bed I just knew it was cold.  I was glad that it was a Saturday morning as this meant I could get a sleep in.  Brad and Grace we up as they head off to Grace's morning Zumba class over on the North Shore.

Anyway Brad was out warming up the truck when he came in to let me know there was some thick frost on the truck.  I bounced out of bed, grabbed some warm trousers and my dressing gown then like a good scrapbooker I grabbed my camera.

Yep sure enough there was a frost.  Thanks for the visit over night Jack, everything looks so pretty dressed in white in the morning.

 I loved how beautiful the frost was on the roof of the car.  I looked like really short grass all sticking upwards.  It was fun to gently run my finger across the top.

Then I turned my attention to the garden and sure enough there was frost everywhere.  It was impressive to see it on the dirt and my flowers.  I am sure it was probably thicker down country but I do like to frost even if I don't like being cold.

Even my poor relatively new veggie garden was dusted in Jack Frost's handy work.  The gardens by the house seemed fine though - phew LOL!

But the rest of the day has also been pretty cold, feels like I cannot leave the side of my little fan heater.

Stay warm everyone!

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