Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scooter Lessons

Such a beautiful morning, ideal for Scooter lessons for Grace.  Grace is now 17yrs and has not be overly interested in getting her drivers license.  But just recently she has been keen to get a scooter, just a 50cc, still its a scooter.  So Brad gave her a quick lesson in our driveway the other week, but there just not enough room.
Today was the ideal weather and we found a big enough car park where Grace could really give Bumble Bee a go (name of the scooter for those that don't know).  So we all popped down to the Waitakere Trust Stadium car park and Grace had a blast.
So here is Grace getting the helmet done up.  So funny Brad had to give the helmet a gently slap to get it on Grace's head like in 'Cool Runnings' the bob-sled movie, I don't think Grace liked that much, but at least she thought it was funny too.
Helmet now on and ready to go.  I like that I can see the excitement in her eyes.
And away she goes.  I was really surprised how comfortable I was with Grace driving the scooter.  Maybe because she is not on the road yet?  Don't know.  I do like that with the scooter she won't be distracted and that she will not be giving anyone a ride for a long time.  Grace really picked up driving the scooter quickly.

The Waitakere Trust Stadium car park really did have a lot of room.  She did meet a couple of cars, but they were great and could see she was learning.
Check out the smile on this girls face.  She was so stoked with the ride.  No doubt looking forward to her next lesson - indicators and getting use to doing two things at once, driving and turning on the indicator.  Very good today Grace, very proud Mum here!!!

After Grace had her lesson Melissa and I had a ride on the back of the scooter with Brad.  I can Melissa will soon be asking to get her Scooter license.  I enjoyed my ride with Brad, it bought back memories of our dating days and riding on the back of his motorbike.

A fun morning for all today I would say!

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