Monday, April 20, 2015

My new obsession - Glass Etching

Oh who would have thought ....

As many of you know I love my Silhouette Cameo, but now I love it even more as I can now use it to cut designs that I can now etch onto glass.  For some reason when I thought of glass etching I thought there was a machine you popped your glassware into and it 'tattooed' the design onto the glass - OK you can stop laughing at me now.  Well, I saw recently that you could get a glass etching kit for the Silhouette machines and I just had to look into it a bit further.  After watching the video on You Tube and saw how easy it was (click here for video), and that you needed no extra tools and just had to order the kit.

So my kit arrived, I opened it, watched the video then left it for about a week and a half before actually giving it a go.  I did not want to mess it up.  Well over the weekend I did another project with the glass etching and now I am wondering round the house and off to the Warehouse looking at glassware that I can etch.  It did expect the etching to be a bit whiter, but I still love the end results.

So here is what I did.
After cutting my design on the vinyl, I used the tranfer paper to add the design to my glass jar.  I taped of the top and bottom edges using some washi tape then added a nice thick layer of the glass etching cream. (be sure to wear rubber gloves for this).  I left this lot of cream on for about 15 minutes.
After about 15 minutes I scrapped up the excess glass etching cream and put it back in the bottle so it can be used again on my next project.  Then I gave the jar a bit of a rinse, to rinse off the last remaining bits of the etching cream.  Then removed the vinyl stencil.
Here is the finished result. I am happy with this, now what to put in the jar ... and now ... another piece of glassware hunt.

This Glass Etching Kit for the Silhouette is available to order from my online shop - click here

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