Sunday, December 1, 2013

File Folder Mini Book

File folders are proving to be really popular in scrapbooking.  You can use it on your layout to create more space for photos and to give an interactive element to your layout.

But here is a fun way you can use a couple of file folders to create a sweet little mini album for yourself to give to someone special.

To start with you are going to need:
2x File Folders - you can either have them the same size or one smaller than the other.
1x Scrap cardstock - mine is 5 3/4"x 2 " (it needs to bit a bit shorter than the smaller file folder - or file folder of choice for inside pages of your mini book)

Take the scrap piece of cardstock and fold it in half
Adhere this scrap piece of cardstock to the back of the smaller file folder as shown.
Now you have your mini album cover and pages.

Now you can go ahead and start adding photos and other fun embellishments.
I will show you how this turns out later this week, but this has been fun so far.  Have fun making mini books using file folders.

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