Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a big surprise

I am learning that the wool can be pulled over my eyes way to easily.  I have just had the second biggest surprise happen to me.  The first was years ago when my husband and pen-pal surprised me with the visit of my pen-pal and his wife.  Brad had kept this quiet for months and I had NO idea.  I knew then that Brad could be really sneaky.

Well I have just had the second biggest surprise.  As many of you know I have got into running and Zumba.  What you might not be aware of is I have also discovered I enjoy cycling as well.  But I have been having to use my youngest daughter's bike.  All my family have a bike but me as I did not think it was something I would enjoy.  They would all go mountain biking and I would have no problem staying home and crafting.  But recently I thought biking around the neighbourhood would be fun so started off going with Grace.  So Grace would go on her bike and I would ride Melissa's.  I would also use Melissa's helmet and Grace's gloves (Grace would then use Brad's gloves).  Then Melissa started school holidays and I thought it would be fun for the three of us to go for a ride, but there inlay a problem, they had a bike but I didn't (I could not fit Brad's bike but also he has special pedals).

For Christmas my wonderful family was able to get me a lovely red helmet and some lovely green gloves so at least I would not have to keep borrowing theirs.  Then this afternoon as I was cleaning the craft room my Mum popped by.  I still did not suspect anything.  I should mention she also rang yesterday to talk to Brad but I did not pick that anything was 'up'.  When Mum and come round this afternoon, Brad had 'popped' out, still I had no idea.  I invited Mum in and offered a drink.  So we started chatting and I showed her my new helmet and told her that I planned to go for a ride to try out my helmet using Melissa's bike tomorrow morning.  She asked about us all going for a ride in the morning and I said how that would not work.  But she kept saying, "but what if you could"  Finally I twigged something was up as Brad had come home by now.

Sure enough I popped outside and there was my new bike.  Similar to Melissa's but red like my helmet - AWESOME!  I was and still am soooo excited (Can you tell by the look on my face in the photo below - such an awful photo but it does show the excitement LOL!)  So hopefully it will stop raining soon so I can take it for a test ride.
Do I have the most awesome Mum of what!
My new red  Black Thunder bike
So to my wonderful Mum and sneaky assistant Brad, thank you, thank you , thank you, I really love it.  I have not had my own bike since my blue 10 speed back in high school.  My new bike is way better.

Hmmm now I might just have to really think about doing a duathlon in 2013.  Whoop whoop I am going to be really fit in 2013 that is for sure.

Ok gotta go try out my new bike :)

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