Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reindeer Noses How To ...

I have been requested to share how I put together my reindeer noses topper so here you go.  The plastic bags are some I had lying around but they measured 5" across the top edge.
You will need a square piece of cardstock mine was a 5" square, you will want to measure your plastic bag across the opening and use that measurement to make your square.

A piece of 1 7/8 strip of coloured cardstock - green
1 2" circle - a different shade of green
1 reindeer punch - brown

Score and fold your square cardstock in half, this is the base you will be building for your reindeer nose topper.

Take your green 17/8" strip of green cardstock and slot it through the back of a flourish note punch (or use a fancy template to create your fancy edge) and punch.
Ink your green strip and your folded topper, I used pinecone brown.  Adhere your green strip so your fancy edge is down the left-hand side.  Don't worry if it does not go all the way across the topper it is going to be covered by the circle shortly.
Adhere your reindeer punch shape to the front of your 2" circle using foam tape for some dimension.
Adhere your 2" circle to the right hand edge of your topper.  You may like to add a red bling to your reindeer's nose.
Add your title and or sentiment to your topper.  To attach to your bag of chocolate just use your stapler.

Enjoy and I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did with mine.

The chocolates that I used were Maltesers and Jaffas - YUM!
Remember you can have a treat whilst making these ... though just one or two (handfuls LOL!

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