Sunday, June 17, 2012

Uploading to Online Gallery

Oh my goodness I feel so terrible about not getting this up sooner.  I had planned to do this on Saturday afternoon after our little church get together but it just did not happen.  We did not get home until a lot later than normal and then all Sunday I was frantically working on Grace's Ball dress.  I am so so sorry to not have gotten to this sooner.

Anyway, now that that is all said let see if we can help you to upload things to our online gallery.
First of all to visit the online gallery you need to click on the Click here area under the Ideas section on our main webpage.
Once you are at the online gallery you will have to log in (you need to be registered to log into and upload to the online gallery).
To upload something you will need to click on the "upload" word/button in the top right hand corner just below the word "Gallery" in the top right hand corner.  This will bring up a new page that looks like this:
Once you have this page you can then click the "Member Gallery" pull down menu and then scroll to the section you want to place your photo (eg. June Layout Challenge)
Under the pull down menu you just used is where you choose your file to upload to the online gallery.  Click this and choose your photo from the file where you have stored it.

Next add your title and description.  Once you have your title and description click the upload/submit button.
 That will take you to another page where you can add your tags.  Do not add your tags in the about area as it will not come through.  Once you have added your tags (these are search words connected with your layout so other people can find them easily, such as, G&T, or layout, kids, birthday, card, June, "your name" ... stuff like that).  Then click the upload/submit button and there you go you have uploaded to the online gallery.  It can take a bit of time for the last upload to occur, but be patient you did it.

Well done!

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