Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flat Tire

This week has been dreadful weather wise.  The rain has been just unbelievable this year.  So much for a summer, now it looks like so much for a settled Autumn.  We had three days of solid rain earlier this week.

My daughter Miss G and I like to go do Zumba normally twice a week.  Well on Monday I couldn't go as I had some paper work that just had to get done.  So when Wednesday came round, even though the rain just wouldn't quite Miss G and I decided we just had to go to Zumba.  We got ourselves ready and headed out.  We jumped into our Nissan Mistral 4x4 - also known to us as the 'truck'.  But when we got in, it didn't feel right.  I asked Miss G to jump out and check her tire.  Sure enough it was as flat as a pancake.  So much so that the rim of the wheel was touching the ground.

We realised at this moment that we would not be going to Zumba.  We went back in the house and I told Brad.  Now he had managed to get home from work earlier in the evening travelling on his scooter (in the rain) and was able to stay dry with all his wet weather gear.  Now that he was home and changed I needed him to change the tire.  So all that effort in staying dry went out the window.

For the next hour Brad and I worked on changing the tire.  We found a tarp and draped it over part of the truck so Brad could work and I held the umbrella.  He did get the tire changed and the spare pumped up too.  What an effort.  Finally once all changed he took the truck to the gas station to check the tire pressures and fill where needed.  We were both drenched.

The following day - which as it happened the rain stopped - and I went down to Firestone Kelston to have the tires check and he found no punctures.  So he checked the pressures and re-changed the tires around so the spare went back on the back of the truck.  He was great and didn't charge me.

But I can tell you changing a tire in the rain was no fun, as I look back on it, it is kind of funny.  Just glad we were at home when we discovered the flat tire.

I am now looking forward to scrapbooking this story and photo.

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