Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to the family ... Bumblebee

Well, it is official, we are going to get rid of my lovely car.  This means we needed a new mode of transport.  After much deliberation we decided the best thing to do was to get Brad a scooter and I would use the 4x4 Nissan Mistral.  So today we all went into town so Brad could pay for and pick up his new scooter.  He chose the yellow one and it has been named "Bumble Bee".  Yes Brad is a transformers fan too LOL.  So I just had to share some photos of him picking up and riding his scooter home.
 As well as the scooter we also made sure he was safe with a new helmet, proper jacket and gloves.  It bought back memories seeing Brad on two wheels.  You see back when we were dating he had a motorbike.  Great fun!
 Doesn't he look the part?
Now if you look at the handle bars of the scooter, don't they look like a bumble bee's face?

On the way home something really funny happened.  Most of the way home Brad either rode behind or beside another scooter ...
Then we noticed the two license plates.  Brad's is A4KBL and the other scooter was A5KBL.  Tell me, what are the chances of that happening.  It was really hard to get a photo of the plates as I only had my mobile phone and seeing as I was driving I had to get Grace to take the photo.  But really have you ever seen two vehicles with numerically in order number plates?


  1. Haha, that's funny. Just think, with Bumble Bee you'll never have to worry about where to park again! :)

    Have fun Brad!

  2. BTW, Jarod is my Google screen name
    -- Paul (from Facebook)

  3. Thanks Jarod (aka Paul). He went the loooong way home just so he could have more of a ride. It was so funny following him and imagining the huge smile on his face as he rode.

    I think he was having fun, shame it is raining (again) today so not much good for Brad to ride.

  4. Just like my son-in-law, Sean. they have moved to Milford so he had to upgrade his vespa "Cream Puff" for a larger motor one to go over the bridge. Not so sure about weather like the recent windy and rainy. He'll probably have to bus.

    Speaking of wheels. We are off to get Natash'as Xmas boke today... and it POURS down.